Service Scrubber

Service Scrubber 1.1.5

Edit, deactivate and restructure the services menu


  • Quickly updates services list
  • Click or unclick services
  • Set keyboard shortcut
  • Click path to open service


  • Need your Mac's administrator account


Sometimes it doesn't get better than this. Service Scrubber is an extremely well thought out tool to manage your services menu. On startup, the program only takes a few seconds to load up a list of your services. If you want to unselect one of them, all you have to do is uncheck it from the list. By clicking on the little "i" icon you can edit information for the service and even add a keyboard shortcut. And if you have trouble spotting a service (or if you're really too lazy to use Spotlight :P ) click on the path at the bottom of Service Scrubber's interface to open it up in a new Finder window.

Service Scrubber makes your services menu accessible and configurable in seconds. You can click the reload button on the top right of the interface to bring your changes into account. Just make sure that you know the password for your Administrator account to be able to validate your modifications.

Service Scrubber lets you update your services menu in seconds.

Wouldn't the services menu be much more useful if it weren't overcrowded by services you never even thought of using? With Service Scrubber, you can:

  • Restructure the services menu
  • Change service keyboard shortcuts
  • Disable services

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Service Scrubber


Service Scrubber 1.1.5

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